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Abyss is an English talking guild located on the server karazhan. Our guild is run by the Guild Master and three Officers, who work closely together both during and outside of raids in order to maintain a friendly guild in working order.
Our raid schedule is composed of three 25 man raids per week, held on currently wednesday, thursday and sunday evenings at 20:00-23:30.
Our two 10 man raids (Including heroic bosses) are held during monday and tuesday, with the same times as above.

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Aug 26, 2010 at 07:34 PM
Gulid Master
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Well here goes.

Obviously many of you have noticed the guild now falling apart as we have stopped raiding for the summer, there is little i can do about this and ultimately i do not think with all the loss of people we can recover in cataclysm, but who knows as of yet.

Those that have left (and who had accounts on the website) should hopefully be able to read this post as well as those that are still in Abyss.

As people know, the guild started falling apart when i went to visit ireland at the start of the summer and i left the four officers in charge, Moofo, Galjin, Lorili and Concentrate. Ultimately when i came back i wasn't able to log on at all as i started a new job on nights (which prevents me raiding entirely until i go to university.

The main thing that upsets me is that these four officers didn't set up raids or events at all, some hadn't even logged on for days. It was at that point which i realised i was pretty much carrying the whole guild in terms of raiding aspects.

So obviously with the half arsed effort from the officers people started leaving, which i don't blame them at all, sitting in abyss for the whole summer and only pugging (and we know what pugs are like) is just silly and dull.

So obviously, without my guild that i worked for and dedicated ALL of my spare time to (which was fucked over in the 2 weeks vacation i took) i have decided to transfer my mage, taking what gold i have and so i can grab some heirlooms on my new leveling character on another realm.
For now, if anybody cares, my paladin will remain on karazhan in charge of abyss even tho he won't be that active.

Most of you i have fond memories of, great times spent with all still there and those that have gone, especially the officers who i have spent many times with on wow.

It was great raiding with you all, even during the wipefests because of the one moron who didn't know what to do.

I won't give my personal ID on here, because of personal reasons but if you wish to have my ID so you can talk to me cross realm, just send me a mail with either your Real Id or a request for mine.

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