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#2690042 Jun 03, 2010 at 01:18 AM
Gulid Master
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We really need to work as a unit to down the final two 25 man bosses of Icecrown Citadel, these being Sindragosa and Lich king.

These fights require a much heavier dps output to succeed and kill them before the enrage timer ticks out.
As well as these two bosses we also respect newer members may not know the tactics for the 25 man or 10 man bosses they haven't encountered before.

It is in the guild rules to research these bosses that you are not familiar with and to know them each raid.

Now all the Officers and Class Leaders are happy to help with this. It doesn't mean that you have to go out and watch video's of the Lich King for 6 hours straight.
I myself will personally take people to one side if they whispered me in-game to explain thoroughly and ensure they understand the fight tey ask questions about. Even if its just about raid positioning.
There are currently 8 remaining King-slayers in the guild from our remaining 10 man team to conquer Arthas Himself.
Each of us knows the fight from each perspective, Galjin and Concentrate can help tanks on positioning and when to taunt the boss if needed.
Me, Moofo and Lorili know exactly the healing that needs to be done throughout the encounter, even though lorili was either dpsing or lying on the floor for the entire fight.
Zubi and Ipos can help on how melees should deal with the incoming valkyrs when a defile is also inbound seconds after the valkyr spawn.
Lorili and Luthlet know exactly what to do on this fight too.

I strongly urge people to ask these guys on questions about all the fights in Icc if you are going to ask guildies.

As for tactics go i think all the guild members know who to contact.

In raids we have noticed that the dps is a little slack on some bosses where it is needed, especially with the 20% buff some people are still pulling 5-6k - which should be much higher. Frankly we need 7-8k being pulled from every dps player if we are to even look likely at killing Sindragosa and the Lich King.

I guess this can only be fixed by players finding a better rotation or tweeking their spec in small parts to maximise dps.
All dps should remember that there are buffs present in 25 mans that means you don't need as much hit rating.
Hopefully next raid we should see an increase in dps players pulling 8/9k or above meaning we can finally get Sindragosa down without a problem and constatly watching the Enrage timer Loom over us.

Thanks, Abyss Officers.
#2738167 Jun 13, 2010 at 05:32 AM
Class Leader
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The fact that Lich king 25 man still lives doesnt please me :O
What the hell are you guys doing?
#2739242 Jun 13, 2010 at 03:22 PM
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Muntel we @ lK with ppl leaving the game we get new ppl that are sometimes like Spiritfang How can any one play with some one like that ?
so if you were online you would know about it !!!!! rawr
#2739433 Jun 13, 2010 at 04:32 PM
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#2747607 Jun 15, 2010 at 11:24 AM
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wait.. but spiritfang.. was kind of awesome..!
#2748307 Jun 15, 2010 at 03:05 PM
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AHhahahaah sure he was he still makes Us LOL :D
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