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Here is a set of new and updates guild rules. These rules may be subject to change within the month and new rules may be added to the guild to maintain a suitable environment as we see necessary

1. : When you apply for the guild you accept to show for raid a minimum of 2 out of our 3 25-man raid days, and you will be penalised if you do not show without good reason, like exams or other major events (weddings or vacation).

2. : To be able to raid with us and "bid" on loot from bosses you will need several add-ons including (but not limited to): DBM (Or something equivalent to), Omen, Raid Frames that show HP of everyone and if you are in range of people, and ofc EPGP Lootmaster.

3. : Each half hour in the raid, or on standby, you will earn 500 EP for farm content and 1000 EP for progression content. Each item will have a pre-set GP price.

4. : To qualify for standby you will have to be online on your main, an alt we can reach or Ventrilo for the duration of the raid.

5. : Priority on loot in raids will be Member Mainspec -> Trial Mainspec -> Member Offspec -> Trial Offspec -> Alts Mainspec. Though if you are asked by the Raid Leader to bring an alt it will have the same looting priority as your main. Though there is a 10000 EP minimum to bid on gear so you will not be able to get gear in anyway as a trial the first few days.

6. : Any trash BoE will go straight into the GB and Boss BoE will go to Mainspecs for GP and if there is none of those it will go into the GB.

7. : Any Member can buy things out of the GB for a 25% discount compared to the AH.

8. : If you need potions/flasks from the GB for raids you will need to be in Dalaran North Bank 15 minutes before raid start.

9. : The raid time set is the time for of the first pull not the start of invites, they will start between 10 and 15 minutes before that time, so unless you have said that you will be a little late you will be seen as absent for the raid if you log on at 20:00.

10. : Signing for a raid and not showing will give you a penalty of -2500 EP for the first time -5000 EP for the second time and a complete reset for the third time within one month as well as a possible, and likely, guild removal.

11. : Not responding to a raid invite on the calendar, without prior notice on the forum will be seen as a no-show and earn you the appropriate penalty (As listed above). And the same will be done with declining more than 1 raid each week.

12. : If you go absent for more than 7 days without notice on the forum you will as a member be demoted down to social rank and stay there for an other 21 days before you will be removed from the guild. If you go absent for more than 7 days as a Trialist without notice you will be removed and in-game mail will be sent to you explaining that you will be welcome to reapply once you have more time to raid with us.

13. : Once you have passed your trial you can bring any number of alts into the guild, but not before so stop asking!

14. : Do not ask for an invite to the raid group (On any day). The Officers will choose when to trial your character and during progression raids will take most, but not all, more experienced raiders.
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