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#2917121 Jul 21, 2010 at 12:26 PM
Gulid Master
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Well here is the big post.
Obviously in summer we expect a large amount of raiders to be busy and that we will most likely fall back to 10 man hard modes and achievement runs (Or atleast that is the plan) without being able to progress far in 25 mans currently.
Obviously it is needed for everyone to sign up to raids or atleast to respond on the calender.
Im going to become blunt and go straight to the point with you guys - werre now sorting the 2 key progression groups for cataclysm (Yes already) so if you don't make an effort now to sign for raids - Bye Bye.

3 missed raid sign ups, 3 un responded raid invites and repeated declination of activities and other factors will involve people being removed from the guild.

Why so harsh? Well its not harsh. Its what any guild would do that wants to progress: Kick out the people who dont care enough to even respond on the calender and kick out those who cant make any raids.

Yes if you get kicked and haven't read this message - i show you no sympathy as you should check this forum regularly.
(Obviously those on holiday or private issues officers know about will not be removed).
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